Giant 21 Explore E+ SMART GTS

Yamaha Motor / 500Wh / Fargedisplay

kr 34 999,00
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Giants SyncDrive Technology provides pedaling assistance that’s synchronized with human input. It produces smooth pedaling power with a natural feel and is sonically tuned for quiet performance. The result is very predictable and responsive motor behavior that produces the same output pattern between the rider and the motor. This ensures there is no need to adjust your riding style to the motor behavior, which is the case with cadence-driven systems. You can ride like you normally do, but with more power.

All SyncDrive motors have Smart Assist technology, which adjusts the support to match the rider’s needs. By using information from multiple sensors, both rider input and terrain feedback are used to determine the optimal amount of pedaling assistance. SyncDrive is the only E-bike system that utilizes both rider input and terrain feedback. It gives you a smooth, natural riding experience with ample power when you need it, while also conserving power when you don’t need as much.

The compact SyncDrive Sport motor has Smart Assist technology and is sonically tuned for smooth, quiet
performance. It’s an ideal choice for riders seeking a versatile, do-it-all E-bike experience. SyncDrive Sport
delivers high power, even at low speeds. The Smart Assist technology calculates the amount of torque,
cadence, slope and speed and, based on these calculations, determines the amount of motor output the
rider needs. It feels more powerful due to its higher cadence support and faster ramp-up in torque.
Based on automatic calculations, this sensor determines the precise amount of power a cyclist needs. This results in
an extremely smooth and natural riding experience.
Delivers high power up to 360 percent. The tunable support ratios offer more flexibility in riding preferences.
The motor engages instantly when power is applied to the pedals. This helps when accelerating and offers reliable
performance on steep climbs and at low speeds..

This app makes it possible to connect your phone with your E-bike. It differentiates itself from other cycling apps with three core functions including tuning possibilities, fitness data and navigation. The Giant RideControl E-bike App is compatible with all new Giant E-bikes.
TUNING: With the Giant RideControl E-bike App, you can tune your motor settings and choose a support ratio most suitable for your riding style and terrain. You can choose between stronger, more aggressive performance, or tune it for a more comfortable ride. It’s up to you. The motor comes with default settings and is adjustable with the Giant RideControl E-bike App.
FITNESS:  Train for a specific time or distance, burn a certain number of calories, or aim for a targeted heart rate zone. The Giant RideControl E-bike App helps you reach your fitness goals by giving feedback while you train.
NAVIGATION:  E-bikes can help you explore your environment and ride farther. Navigation helps riders follow new routes without getting lost. Withthe Giant RideControl E-bike App, you can set your preferred destination and use the Auto-adjust function to reach that destinationwithout draining your EnergyPak. You can easily view the.
NOTIFICATION:  The connection between the Giant RideControl E-bike App and an E-bike makes it possible to show incoming calls, messages and meetings on the RideControl EVO display while riding. So you can stay connected while you enjoy your ride.

TEC / VG TEST  9/10
Giant Explore E+ 2 fikk 9/10 av VG/TEC mai 2020.
"Rett og slett en meget god elsykkel"
+ Meget god byggekvalitet + Takler alt av bakker uten problemer + Meget god på ujevnt underlag + Stor og oversiktlig skjerm + Låsbar demper + Enkelt å ta av batteriet + App-mulighet 
- Hard sal (polstring i sykkelbukse er en fordel)

Giant 21 Explore E+  SMART  er en oppgradert modell av 2020 .
2021 modellen er  oppgradert med:
+ Mykere sal 
+ Fargedisplay
+ Fullintegrert batteri (SMART) som er kompatibelt med 500/625Wh batteri og Range Extender 250Wh


Ramme Giant AluXX SL aluminium
Gaffel SR Suntour NEX E25 DS 63mm travel
Gir Shimano Alivio 9 spd
Bremser Shimano BR-MT200, hydraulic disc, 180mm
Sete Selle Royal Vivo Ergo Moderate
Dekk Giant Crosscut Gravel 2, 700x45c (622x45), Tubeless Ready, Reflex
Motor Yamaha SyncDrive Sport Sentermotor
Batteri Panasonic Smart 500, 36V 13.8Ah integrated Lithium-Ion
Display Giant RideControl EVO fargedisplay Ant+/Bluetooth
Lys Axa BlueLine Front and Rear
Ekstra MIK kompatibelt bagasjebrett
Option Range Extender batteri 250Wh
Rekkevidde    40-150km
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